General Customer Questions

Handling of Products

  • Q: Will radiation (scanning during shipping/crossing borders) affect this product?
    • A: While we understand your concern about your product while it is in transit, it is impossible to know what radiation it may be exposed to during this process and therefore we can not give you a clear answer.
  • Q: Will the heat or cold from shipping damage the your products?
    • A: Fluctuations in temperature during shipping are not known to harm the product.
  • Q: What do I do if my package arrives damaged?
    • A: If your product is damaged in any way, please do not use it and contact customer service to arrange a return and a courtesy reshipment. Email:
  • Q: Are our containers free of contaminants?
    • A: Yes, all containers are BPA free
  • Q: How should your products be stored?
    • A: Our products should be kept in cool, dry places that are out of direct sunlight in order to preserve the potency of the product.

Product Research

  • Q: Are any of your products tested on animals?
    • A: We do not participate in any animal testing.


  • Q: Do your products have any known side effects or contraindications?
    • A: All of our products are tested to meet or exceed strict safety standards, but each individual may have a different experience due to their specific health needs. You should always consult your healthcare practitioner or dermatologist prior to taking any new product.
  • Q: How long does it take to see results from your products?
    • A: Many people have seen very positive results with the product in a short period of time, however individual results will vary. You may see desired results right away or it could take up to 3 months. Your individual health will dictate the time frame. 

Ingredients/Product Sourcing/Manufacturing

  • Q: Where are your ingredients sourced from?
    • A: At this time we are not able to divulge our supply details as it is proprietary information.
  • Q: Where are your products manufactured?
    • A: Our manufacturing facility is in the United States
  • Q: Is your manufacturing facility GMP Certified?
    • A: Yes, our manufacturing plant is GMP certified by the FDA.
  • Q: What do you do to ensure that possible allergens are not cross contaminated?
    • A: Manufacturing has strict Policies and Procedures in place when it comes to handling and processing allergens. Every project we undertake is thoroughly evaluated for possible allergens. We have proper segregation and sanitation procedures to avoid cross contamination (that includes swabbing to ensure allergens have been eliminated from the equipment).
  • Q: Do you test your products for antibiotics, heavy metals, pesticides, or any other toxins?
    • A: Our products go through thorough microbiology, heavy metal, pesticide and common allergen testing. It is tested to be free from GMOs, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, molds, e-coli, salmonella and other environmental toxins and we are very satisfied that those results line up with or exceed the organic standards. Please see our certification page:
  • Q: Are there any hidden ingredients or fillers not listed on the label in your products?
    • A: Nope! Not one. All of our ingredients are listed on the labels.
  • Q: Do any of your products contain GMOs?
    • A: All products are non-GMO


  • Q: What is your return policy?
    • A: We are confident that AnnieMak provides only high-quality products. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, you may return the product (all bottles need to be returned: empty, unopened, partially used, etc...) for a full refund less the shipping and handling fees. All returns must be made within 1 year (unless otherwise stated on the order page of the product you purchase) from the product shipment date. Our full refund policy can be viewed here:
  • Q: Do you have sample sizes available to purchase?
    • A: At this time there are no sample sizes available for purchase of any AnnieMak Products. We appreciate your interests in our products. We do, however, offer a wonderful year-long warranty: Our customers are welcome to try our product and if you are not satisfied we will fully refund the cost of the product minus shipping. Our full refund policy can be viewed here:
  • Q: How long are your products good for? What is the expiration date?
    • A: Our products carry a “Best By” date on them. This means the product is still at its intended level of potency on that date before it naturally starts to wane. However, because the potency level diminishes at such a very, very, very slow rate, it is our recommendation to utilize our products up to one (1) year beyond the “best by” date as the nutrient value of the product remains viable and usable. For more detailed information please contact our Customer Success department.
  • Q: Does the net weight include the packaging or is that just the product amount less packaging?
    • A: The net weight is the weight of the product without packaging.